Camping near Omaha Beach in Calvados

itches in a green and peaceful setting. Whether you prefer traditional camping or the modern comfort of our mobile homes, we have the perfect accommodation option to make your stay unforgettable.

Open from March 29th to September 29th, our campsite is perfect for exploring Calvados, from the D-Day beaches to the picturesque town of Bayeux. Come back at the end of the day to enjoy our facilities: the indoor heated swimming pool, playgrounds, multi-sport field, or even the renowned petanque courts…

Homeball et chateau gonflable

During the 2023 season, the campsite went green!

Thanks to funds mobilized by the Normandy region and the European Union, within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), we were able to invest in digital and ecological transition.

You can discover our mobile application, to which you will have access 15 days before your arrival, to prepare for your stay.

During your stay, you will also see our new electric carts and scooters, allowing us to move around the campsite without any CO2 emissions.

Indeed, for our customers with rechargeable cars, you will have access to a charging station in the campsite parking lot.

Our sanitary facilities have also been updated: the showers are equipped with the Eddo system, reducing shower times and thus water and energy consumption, and the toilets are now connected to a rainwater recovery tank.

All our outdoor maintenance equipment has also been renewed, for a 100% electric range, therefore emitting no CO2 but also much quieter for your comfort.

Finally, we have opted for the installation of photovoltaic panels to produce green and renewable energy!

Your oasis of relaxation in Calvados

Dive into the heart of Calvados, an iconic region of Normandy, where Camping La Roseraie d’Omaha offers you an exceptional camping experience. Located in the charming village of Surrain, our campsite combines the best of Normandy: breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and renowned gastronomic culture.

Your starting point to discover the charms of Calvados…

Our location is the ideal gateway to explore the treasures of the department, offering a perfect blend of cultural, historical, and leisure activities. Taste local delights, visit world-famous historical sites, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region.

The Bessin Region

The Bessin region, located in Calvados, is particularly remarkable for its rich historical and natural heritage. It is here that you’ll find Omaha Beach, famous for the crucial role it played during the Allied invasion in 1944. The Bessin is also home to Bayeux, a medieval city with preserved heritage, renowned for its Bayeux Tapestry, an 11th-century masterpiece listed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World register.

Between the wild coastlines, sandy beaches, Norman hedgerows, and green valleys, every hike or stroll is a discovery. Nature lovers and photographers will be particularly delighted by the breathtaking panoramas that this region has to offer.

Normandy, between land and sea

Ideally located at the foot of the D-Day beaches, this Norman family campsite also allows you to enjoy the tranquility and cultural richness of an authentic and green region.

In addition to the D-Day beach sites (Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Pointe du Hoc…) and the famous Norman landmarks (Mont Saint Michel, Deauville, Bayeux…), you can practice sports and water activities near the campsite (cycling, fishing, hiking, sand yachting, jet skiing…) and of course, relax on our beautiful sandy beaches.



Nestled in the heart of Normandy, the Calvados region is an open-air history book, where every town, village, and beach tells a chapter of the past. For history enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, or those simply seeking to recharge in a natural and historically charged setting, Calvados offers an unparalleled playground, particularly around the famous D-Day beaches.

D-Day beaches: Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, and beyond

The D-Day beaches, crucial theaters of operations during World War II, are places of memory and history. Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach, and Sword Beach invite reflection and contemplation. Visiting these beaches is to walk in the footsteps of Allied soldiers who fought for freedom, and whose courage changed the course of history.

The Caen Memorial and D-Day museums

Nearby, the Caen Memorial is a must-visit for understanding the stakes of the global conflict. Through immersive and educational exhibitions, visitors can deepen their knowledge of World War II, D-Day, and the Battle of Normandy. The numerous museums along the coast, such as the D-Day Museum in Arromanches, complement this educational experience with their collections and unique presentations.

The cider route and Calvados gastronomy

Beyond its history, Calvados captivates with its culture and gastronomy. The Cider Route invites you to discover orchards and distilleries where cider and Calvados are produced, offering tastings that will delight enthusiasts. The region is also famous for its cuisine, especially its fresh seafood, cheeses, and local specialties, which can be enjoyed at the many markets and restaurants.

Outdoor activities for everyone

Calvados is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Between hikes in the Norman hedgerows, bike rides along the beaches or dedicated trails, and water sports on the coasts, there are activities for all tastes. The region’s campsites, ideally located, offer easy access to all these attractions, allowing visitors to fully enjoy their stay in Normandy. The EOLIA nautical base, located just 5km from the campsite, is the perfect place for nature and thrill seekers.

Heritage and villages of Calvados

Finally, Calvados is dotted with castles, manors, and picturesque villages that testify to its rich cultural and architectural heritage. Gems like Bayeux, with its famous Tapestry, and the charming ports of Honfleur and Port-en-Bessin, offer cultural and relaxing getaways.

By choosing to camp in Surrain, near the D-Day beaches, visitors give themselves the opportunity to dive into a fascinating history while enjoying the beauty and diversity of Norman landscapes. It’s an invitation to discover, learn, and relax in one of the most emblematic regions of France.

Mont-Saint-Michel and the wonders nearby

Although slightly further away, Mont-Saint-Michel remains a must-visit for anyone staying in Normandy. This wonder of the world, with its perched abbey and medieval village, seems to rise from the waves and offers an unforgettable spectacle, especially during high tides.

By choosing to camp in Calvados, you position yourself at the heart of a region offering a spectrum of activities and discoveries as rich as it is varied. Between history, culture, gastronomy, and nature, each day spent in Normandy promises to be a new page in your book of memories.


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The campsite covers an area of 2.6 hectares with 87 pitches, including 34 rentals.

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